Development of management accounting software (CRM and ERP) and trade in ready-made solutions on customers’ requests

Development of accounting software (CRM and ERP) and trade in ready-made solutions on customers’ requests

Based on the tasks our customers face, we can recommend two approaches to automation:

  • Integrated automation. It is implemented in accordance with a predetermined plan for the informatization of a company.
  • Automation of specific areas of activity of a company. For example, automation of personnel, finance or production activity management.

To optimize the system of IT functions and a customer’s processes in terms of operational efficiency, transparency, as well as cost and risk minimization are one of our primary objectives when providing the service.

We will help you in selecting software and hardware that will best meet not only the business goals but also the financial capabilities of your company.

1C/ERP/CRM development, support and consultation

We provide the following key services in the field of IT support:
  • Surveying IT management processes and development of recommendations for their optimization
  • Maintenance of information systems:
  • Receiving and managing incidents and appeals
  • Providing multiple technical support lines
  • Administration and configuration management of software and database management systems

Consultations on software development and analysis of finished software

All types of consulting services are aimed at optimizing the company’s structure, improving its business processes, financial and information flows, increasing business efficiency by means of using information systems based on 1C solutions and cover key areas of the enterprise’s activities

Implementation of the following functional tasks:
  • Accounting, as well as tax and management accounting
  • Personnel record keeping and payroll calculation
  • Operational management of the production activity
  • Equipment maintenance and repair
  • Planning, budgeting, and plan/actual analysis
  • Automation of consolidation and preparation of reporting according to the International Financial Reporting Standards
  • Integration tasks